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Know Date, Time And Where You Can Witness ‘The Ring of Fire’

After the sight to behold phenomena of a blood moon, supermoon, and a total lunar eclipse combined into one was presented as treat by nature, another celestial phenomenon is right around the corner. Stargazers will get to witness the dramatic  ‘Ring of Fire’ around the Sun later this month as the first solar eclipse of 2021 takes place on June 10. Also Read – Solar Eclipse 2021: Precautions Every Pregnant Women Should Take During Surya Grahan

The rare sight will be a total solar eclipse, which occurs when the moon completely blocks the sun and casts a shadow over Earth This will happen when the moon, the sun, and the earth will align together to form a vibrant colored band of ring around the Moon as it will shield the Sun. The time duration of this annular solar eclipse will be over an hour. Also Read – Solar Eclipse 2021 Today: What Are The Crucial Facts About Eclipses?

What is a ring of fire?

During a solar eclipse, the Moon casts a shadow on the Earth creating a visual phenomenon as the moon moves between the Earth and the Sun, blocking sunlight. As the Moon covers the center of the Sun, the edges emit a glowing halo creating an illuminated ‘ring of fire’. The June 10 stargazers will witness this breathtaking solar eclipse but unfortunately, only in some parts of the world. Also Read – Surya Grahan 2021 LIVE: Latest Updates From Today’s Solar Eclipse

Throughout this solar eclipse, the moon will fail to completely cover the Sun as the distance between the Earth and the Moon is always changing due to the latter’s elliptical, oval orbit. This is also the reason why we witness a supermoon and why sometimes the Moon appears smaller or larger than usual.

Where and when to witness this epic Ring of Fire?

A Solar Eclipse or Surya Grahan is coming up on June 10. Unfortunately, India will not be able to witness the dramatic and unrivaled cosmic phenomenon.

As per Timeanddate.com, the 2021 annular solar eclipse event will begin at 01:42 PM (IST) and will be visible to people until 06:41 PM (IST). There are three types of solar eclipses (total, partial and annular), but this year, people will only be able to see two of them.

According to reports, the eclipse will begin in Canada, northern Ontario and on the north side of Lake Superior. The ring of fire will be visible in Canada for about three minutes, while in Greenland it will occur when the solar eclipse reaches its peak following which it will be seen in Siberia and the North Pole. While the US will miss out on the ring of fire, people on the East Coast and in the Upper Midwest will get a chance to see a partial solar eclipse just after sunrise.

When the solar eclipse will reach its peak, then people living in Greenland will be able to see the ring of fire. After that, it will appear in Siberia and the North Pole as well.

(Written by Apoorva Girdhar)

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